Color Consultation

I am a certified color consultant, which means that I will narrow down and choose paint colors that speak to you and will upgrade the look and feel of your home. I have found that helping people with color is not only tremendoulsy fun, it applies to so much more than paint colors, such as pillows, art, and furniture selections.


In Redesign, I help uplevel and refresh your home or office using a lot of furnishings and accessories you already own. Some new purchases are added, as well. Redesign contrasts with renovation, which is a much more involved and costly project. Trying something completely new in a room, using your own collected objects can be so liberating!


In decorating, I pretty much start with a blank slate and form a plan to enhance your home or office that goes beyond redesign. For starters, decorating typically involves all new paint, furniture, artwork, and accessories. It’s a whole new look, based on the your design preferences for the space. Almost everyone has an eye for what they like and don’t like. With this process, I help you get clear on what that is and then shop and decorate to make your ideas a reality.

Therapy offices

Over the past few years, I have completed five therapy offices for therapists who were moving into a new space or wanted a new look to their existing office.

Any of the services listed above can be used in designing for your office. Therapy offices are important healing spaces, ideally you want the room to reflect this. I will help you get there.

My Process

So you want to work with a decorator, but you're not sure how it works...Here is what it’s like working with me. After a short initial phone call to exchange info and get an idea of what project you have in mind, we set up a consultation at your home or office. This meeting typically takes up to two hours. During the consultation, my overall goal is to determine which service will work best for you, get to know your likes and dislikes, and get a feel for how we will best work together and communicate (text, phone, email or all 3).

I give you a brief color test (sort of a game--I promise you can’t fail), which gives me insight into the colors you are most drawn to. If needed, I can also talk you through how to approach your shopping budget, (don’t worry, this budget talk can be easy, I promise). We will discuss your list of needs and wants for the space. Then, I gather the rest of the information needed to create a plan, such as measuring, snapping photos, and assessing potential paint colors.

Following the consultation, you will receive an emailed proposal with estimated costs. Once you sign the proposal, I begin working toward your vision.

Already started your room?

Have you already started decorating or redesigning a room and need help finishing it or tweaking it? I can step in and provide seasoned advice and more. First, I preview and assess the space and then work with you to articulate your vision. Whether you need validation before taking the next step or a complete turnaround, your frustration ends here!