Interior Designer Asheville


What if I don’t have a big budget for decorating?

That’s OK! I can help you create a realistic budget for shopping and decorating services. I will work closely with you to ensure you are comfortable with the costs as the project progresses. The scope of work, whether a short consultation or a major project, can be designed to meet your budgetary needs.

Can you pick out colors for the interior and exterior of my home?

Yes I do both! For the interior paint selection, I work with you to find out what colors you love and then find the selection of colors for your home based on fixed objects, such as your fireplace tile and your floor color. For an exterior color selection, clients are typically looking for a siding color, a trim color and a front door color. Additional colors might be needed for a deck or garage doors. I want to select colors that make your home look phenomenal!

What If I already own a lot of items I like, can we use them in the space?

Yes. When I offer redesign services, I reuse your favorites, such as art, furniture or paint colors. Using existing items, I redesign the space, usually incorporating new items for a fresh spin.

What If I hate shopping? Do you shop for me?

Yes! I find that most people don’t have time to shop or don’t like shopping because, generally, they don’t know where to start. After our initial consultation, I create a shopping list and online Pinterest board that we share, then I begin shopping.

Do you stage entire homes?

Yes. While I don’t stage in the typical way you might be thinking with a moving truck full of new or rented furniture, what I do is still considered staging. In our initial consultation, we come up with a plan detailing furniture to keep and items to be moved out. In addition, we agree on items that should be replaced or added (you may rent art, pillows, and accessories from me), any painting that’s needed, and a projected timeline of the work. My final styling of the home makes a home inviting to prospective buyers.

For clients requiring only a staging consultation, we discuss what needs to be done, but I don’t provide the staging service. Usually, this takes a few hours. The client receives a “to do list” and then implements my suggestions for paint colors, furniture arrangement and accessories. For a staging consultation, clients may also rent art, pillows and other accessories from me, if desired.

Can you tell me what walls to take down and move?

No. I leave that to interior designers, contractors, and architects who are trained in the latest design software (think Fixer Upper). I am an Interior Decorator, which means I focus on colors, textures, and floor plans to create a beautiful, cohesive design for you.

Are you a space planner?

No. I am not a “space planner.” However, I understand traffic flow in a room and have a strong skill set for the optimum arrangement of art, objects, and furniture.

What is the difference between decorating and redesign?

Decorating implies starting from scratch in a space. A blank slate. If you are hiring me to decorate, I will create a plan, create a shopping list and help you determine a budget you are comfortable with to achieve your vision.

In redesign, I use mostly what you already own, determine what to change or add, and achieve the final look you desire.

What if I don’t live in your area, could you still help me with me home or office decor?

Currently, I do not work beyond the Asheville, NC surrounding areas. To inquire, email or call me with your exact location.

What does a certified color consultant do?

I am certified in the Confident Color System™ created by JoAnne Lenart Weary. This means after an initial consultation with you, I will eliminate over 75% of the colors in a paint deck to identify interior and exterior colors that are exactly right for YOU.