I believe that whatever makes you happy is the inspiration for authentic interior decorating.

hillytree design

Hi. I am Hillary of hillytree design. I am a certified color consultant, decorator, and redesigner in Asheville, NC. I work with homeowners, therapists, and realtors to create beautiful, balanced rooms.

I provide services ranging from a gentle upgrade to a major redesign and I select paint colors that help convey the feeling you are looking for in a room. I arrange furniture to improve functionality, and create the best version of your space using texture, color and artful objects. To make a home or office more personal, I utilize many of your own beloved items to create a layered and cohesive ambiance.

Working with therapists who are opening a new office or upleveling their current offices is a true joy for me. I love creating a harmonious, comforting space. 

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hillytree design
“When I took on my new office space, the fact that it was one room and over 600 sq ft was beyond daunting. I knew I needed more space and I had some ideas, but I had no idea how to make a space that big feel cozy. I don’t know if I would have taken the leap if I hadn’t met Hillary (hillytree design). She is a master. She made my life 1000x easier and made the process so much more fun than if I’d tried to do it all myself (plus it looks a million times better than if I’d gone solo). Thank you so so so much, Hillary!”
— Allison Salmon Puryear (Abundance Practice-Building)