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When I moved into a new office, I knew I wanted to invest in an interior decorator who could really bring out the best in the space. Hillary was SUCH a pleasure to work with, and her eye for design is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Just based on our initial phone conversation, she was able to begin putting pieces together that perfectly captured the feel I wanted for my clients. I didn’t have any experience working with a professional before, and Hillary guided me in a way that not only involved me in the process, but also gave me confidence in my own style (which I didn’t even know I had). I now find myself looking around my home for rooms that need a little TLC so that I can hire Hillary again. My clients have never been happier, and I love coming to work every single day. Thank you, Hillary!
— Laura Long, Five Forks Counseling Group, LLP

“Hillary is an incredibly talented designer. Being in the real estate business, I've used many different designers and Hillary is at the top of the list for projects large and small. She has a knack for colors and her acute spacial awareness makes her an ideal person to help you select furniture or arrange your existing furniture. She's knowledgeable about building products and can help you work within a budget to select timeless or trendy materials for your remodel.  I highly recommend Hillytree Design!”

- Mike Figura Owner, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty


“Hillary has an excellent understanding of how colors work together. She’s skilled in the arrangement of furnishings and picking out furnishings. Hillary is friendly and professional . She never gets stuck on an idea, is flexible and prepared. Hillary will allow you to add as much or as little as you wish to her design of your home. Our home looks beautiful down to every detail... my thanks to Hillary whom I highly recommend!”

- Randy Grodi


“Hillary helped me figure out quite a furniture dilemma and it was epic. It is wonderful that she is so very authentic and caring with her design opinions. Her concern about the choices and the diplomatic way she presented it saved me from a bad choice on expensive furniture. Thank you!”

- Cathy Brown

Hillary guided my husband and me through the process of picking out the exterior color scheme for our new home. She has great instincts & is a very good listener. Because she does her homework and pays close attention to detail, she made an intimidating decision easy to make. Plus, she's a lot of fun to work with. I highly recommend her services!!

- Jane Dempsey


"Hillary has been such a pleasure to spend time with while helping me make the chaos of my house into a beautiful home. Her personable approach allows her to get a special sense of the space she’s working with and the clients’ needs for that space. She is a true talent!"

- Kamini Vrable


“I've had ideas in my head about what my living space and home should feel like and how I think I want it to look. Hillary has been an incredible visionary in this area for me. Simply consulting with me in my home, Hillary mentioned several simple ideas that once I implemented them in my living room, it was immediately transformed into a balanced, comfortable space with interesting appeal. She also worked wonders with color suggestions in my bathroom. I keep receiving compliments on my home's interior.”

- Kaye Bentley