Interior Decorator Asheville


Hillary Holmes

Growing up in Hawaii and Florida, I fell in love with colors and textures in nature. A coral flower, the knotty texture of pale gray driftwood, the inky outline of a tree. As an artist and decorator, I blend my affinity for nature with inventiveness. I seek out beautiful things because they feel calming and full of mystery.

I studied Feng Shui for Interiors at Moore College of Art & Design, Silkscreening at Parsons School of Design, and Decorating at AB Tech. I love to move around furniture when I’m feeling stuck and spend my downtime with my husband and dog in our 1970's ranch, just outside of Asheville, NC.

In my work, I seek to create a mood that is vibrant and peaceful at the same time. Helping my clients discover what they want to express stimulates my own imagination and ensures that the result is both beautiful, comfortable, and feels collected over time.

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